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Card Creator & Photographer at EileenDreams
Eileen is making the world a kinder place one card at a time. She studies graphic design and languages of the web but mainly she practices making people feel better with old school snail mail cards that feature photos of this beautiful world and kind and inspiring messages.
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graphic of making the choice between a blog or a websiteOne of the best things about doing WordPress workshops is how much I learn from the “students“. They remind me not to take information for granted. For example, the difference between a website and a blog might not be perfectly clear. Plus, as WordPress gains popularity, the line between blogs and sites gets fuzzier all the time.

“Blog” is short for “weblog” but what the heck is a weblog?

It is the word website squished together with the word web log. Blogs are a running dialogue (or log) about any topic the author chooses. A blog could be an online diary, a personal passion, or a platform for a business to keep their customers up to date with their business information. Authors write on the blog and readers submit comments. A blog is like an interactive website. The most successful blogs become a conversation around a specific topic. Blogs are organized by date and category. The author of the blog chooses the category. The most recent post is on the top of the page. Blogs are often quicker and easier to update and maintain thanks to content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Websites were originally scripted in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. Now those lines are blurring with many websites being built with WordPress or other CMS platforms. These platforms are built with the same scripting languages but the web designer does not necessarily need to know how to write the code, although being able to read or at least understand the scripting languages helps.



Created regularly with updated information.

Generally static.


Posts are listed by date.

Pages are organized by content.

You can have as many Blog Posts as you like.

You can have as many web pages as you like

The most current post automatically goes to the top of the page.

The hierarchy of a website remains static

Blogs can contain links to websites or other blogs

Websites can contain links to other websites or blogs.

Blogs encourage interaction and comments.

Websites don’t usually contain comments.

Content is added regularly while the old content is left on the blog.

Content generally remains unchanged until an overhaul is done and then then old content is removed.

I hope this helps.