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Card Creator & Photographer at EileenDreams
Eileen is making the world a kinder place one card at a time. She studies graphic design and languages of the web but mainly she practices making people feel better with old school snail mail cards that feature photos of this beautiful world and kind and inspiring messages.
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You send love when you send a snail mail card because a greeting card is more than just a card.

Greeting cards create a personal connection that will last longer and mean more than an email. When you give a snail mail card it is a smile that will happen every time it is found in a drawer for years to come. A custom or unique card has even more of an emotional impact on the recipient. Giving your time is truly giving someone your most precious gift, so sit down and take the time to send some love.

You really don’t need a reason to send a card but here are some ideas to help you share the Love:

Thinking of you

Cheer up
I like you but I am too shy to say anything to your face
I love you
I miss you
I value you & our friendship
Let’s keep in touch
Nothing specific, I am just thinking about you.
Please forgive me (I really messed up)

You’ve got this (aka encouragement)

Hang in there, (I have your back)
Just sucks to be you right now because of your, break up, divorce, laid off from job, really bad day
Times are tough (but you are tougher)

Sympathy, I want you to know…Show you care wit a snail mail card

I care
I hold you in my heart
I share your grief

Congratulations on Your….

New baby
New drivers licenceSend love with a snail mail card
New home
New job
Special occasions
Bar/bat mitzvah

Holiday 🙂

Happy Chanukah,
Happy Easter greetings
Happy New Year
Happy valentine day (I love you, or not)
Merry Christmas Wishes
Mother’s Day Love
Spooky Halloween
You get the idea….

Thank you for…

the gift
being a friend
being nice
the job interview (now please hire me)
your help
being you
dinner (gratitude makes you feel good.)
pet sitting

To break the ice

Welcome to the neighbourhood
Welcome to the office
Welcome to my bedroom 😉

Get well

Good luck


Any kind of party that you want to let them know is going to be outstanding.

To promote your business

Or thank a client for their business

Special Occasions

Bar/bat mitzvah
Mother’s Day Love
Spooky Halloween
You get the idea….

Just because

Just say’n cuz it makes you feel good.

Did I miss anything? What do you think? Do you like to send greeting cards by snail mail?