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The beach in Buccerias where I spent the afternoon. This is looking North towards Puerto Vallarta.

The beach in Buccerias where I spent the afternoon. This is looking North towards Puerto Vallarta. Photo by EileenDreams

By the third day I started really experiencing the benefits of travelling alone. I headed out in search of coffee and realized I had absolutely no idea what time it was! That filled me with such a feeling of freedom. So much so, that I jumped on a bus for Buccerias.

Bus in Puerto Vallarta

The buses have all the information you need painted on the window. Photo by EileenDreams

The bus system in Puerto Vallarta is very straight forward. If your destination is painted on the front window, get on it. A bus ride costs 7.5 pesos, about 53 cents Canadian, which is what it cost to ride the 20 kilometers up to Buccerias which takes about 35 minutes. (Notice that Wal Mart & Sams is on this bus’s destination)


I love Buccerias. Some call it BC’erias because there are so many people from British Columbia there. When I got off the bus I was approached for a “donation”.  A local lady told me not to give him any money and offered me a massage. I declined and asked where I could get free Wi-Fi. She suggested “El Chivero’s”, an ocean front restaurant I knew I liked. So, with my feet in the sand, a Dos Equis, and free Wi-Fi, I spent the afternoon watching kids play in the waves and venders peddle their goods. There was a lovely ocean breeze and the waiter treated me like a queen.

I could have stayed on the beach under an umbrella all day but being a single female; I didn’t want to be wandering around after dark. (I wouldn’t wander around after dark alone at home either.) So, I chose to head back toward the bus stop which is just up from the Royal de Cameron Hotel, (about a 30 minute walk).  

Buccerias has an art walk Thursday evening on the Avenida Lazaro Cardenas so my plan was to visit the little shops along the way in case I missed it Thursday. The air was hot and my feet were hot, sore, and tired. So, I stopped in and got a pedicure en route. It wasn’t the pampering I would get back home but it was pleasant. She was efficient, I cooled down, and was back out on my way with newly pink toes for about $20 CAD.

Umbrellas in Buccerias, Mexico

You never know what little visual treat you will discover. Photo by EileenDreams

Chin-Gon RestChin-Gon restaurant in Buccerias.

I love their sense of humour. This was outside Chin-Gon restaurant in Buccerias. Photo by EileenDreams










Although the buses are not overly luxurious, they are efficient, cheap and fun. I had budgeted for $50 per day and felt like I was living the high life. I had ended a day of adventure, under budget, and living my dream.



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