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Eileen is making the world a kinder place one card at a time. She studies graphic design and languages of the web but mainly she practices making people feel better with old school snail mail cards that feature photos of this beautiful world and kind and inspiring messages.
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  • Los Colores – The Colours
  • El Humor – The Humour
  • La Playa Perros – The Beach Dogs
  • El Pueblo – The People
  • El Arte – The Art

Start your day with scrumble eggs for $49, which is 49 pesos (less than 5 bucks) for a full breakfast with orange juice and coffee. Even though my Spanish is mostly limited to ordering beer, locals had a way of sharing humour and big smiles.

The Guayabitos life is even more laid back and relaxed than Puerto Vallarta. While the shop owners and venders in Puerto Vallarta ask you good naturedly “To buy more junk you don’t need”, or tell you “Almost free today!” the shop owners in Guayabitos rarely do more than greet you with a smile. It surprised me that restaurant owners did not mind venders approach our table to offer treats like doughnuts and oysters. We bought raw oysters off the beach several times and the restaurant staff always picked up the shells. I thought the best treat from the beach were the coconut macaroons which were the best I had ever tasted. Venders with fish on a stick and shrimp never entered into the restaurant so I imagine there were courtesies that they followed because the restaurant offered fish and shrimp but not oysters or pastries.

I struck me how many dogs lived in Guayabitos. Besides beach dogs, tourists brought dogs, plus we met tourists who adopted dogs and brought them home to Canada. All the dogs were polite and seemed well cared for and were always an amusing source of entertainment.

I was in Guayabitos on the March weekend which Commemorates President Benito Juárez’s birthday on March 21, 1806. It was a holiday from school and the busiest weekend of the year for Guayabitos. It is a National holiday for Mexicans and they flock to the ocean. During the weekend the beach was full of families having fun and had a festive feel of warmth and love.

There was always live music. Sometimes with so many wandering musicians the notes collided. The funniest was when the band with the tuba came by. The other musicians just chuckled and waited until the tuba was finished drowning them out. Eventually, the tuba moved on and they started again with mellow tunes from Bob Marley and Jack Johnson.

So these are some of the reasons I love Guayabitos but if you aren’t the type of person who can slow down and smile on your brother, you aren’t going to like it there. 🙂