EileenDreams is my alter ego. It is the brilliantly creative, inspired, artistic, crafty, imaginative, free spirited side of me. I study graphic design and languages of the web. I tend to over-fill and over-colour every possible pixel.  My instinct is to saturate every space with as much colour, texture, and pretty pictures as possible.

I have been creating cards for as long as I can remember and I still get a chuckle when I come across cards I created 50 years ago as a kid. Of course those cards were truly handmade and coloured with crayolas and pencil crayons and had plenty of spelling mistakes. I am pretty sure my earliest influence was my Aunt Polly’s photo board. I thought she was hundreds of years old. She came from England as a War bride and had a cool little house under the Patullo Bridge with a garden that was her pride and joy. As much as I loved going to visit her and eating those mushy canned peas, it was still pretty boring. So, I spent my time looking at her photo board. She looks so humble in this picture although I only remember her smiling. Anyways, she hooked me with the power of a photo.

My daily inspiration comes from the magnificent surroundings of White Rock, BC. I am exhilarated by the contrast of the mountains sinking into the ocean, the dark green cedar trees against the bright blue sky, the sun in the summer and the grey drizzly rain in the winter.

Many of these cards are from photos I have taken in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. I don’t consider myself a photographer but it is so beautiful here that sometimes it overwhelms me so much that I want to share what I see. I feel like I am catching a dream more than a photo. Sometimes I add my own caption to a photo but usually I select a quote that resonates with me and reflects what I am trying to say with my photo. These quotes reflect how I have chosen to live my life and what I believe to be true.