Why You Should Be Using Instagram to Grow Your Business

Why You Should Be Using Instagram to Grow Your Business

Instagram is more than just pretty pictures. Viewer engagement is higher on Instagram than any other platform with 500 million daily active users waiting for your interesting, entertaining, follow-worthy content.

In the social media marketing world, your goal is for your ideal clients to know, like, and trust you, and Instagram provides the optimum platform to achieve that goal. You can easily chat with your followers, use polls, and follow metrics and insights for market research to increase engagement and grow your business. Customers can even purchase directly from your Instagram shop. From your bio, you can redirect potential clients to visit your website or landing page or follow any action for your campaign strategy objectives.

From a marketing perspective, Instagram has the ability to take your ideal clients through each phase of the marketing funnel:

  1. Awareness – Grab your client’s attention through posts, stories, reels and highlights.
  2. Interest – As followers enjoy your content, their interest and engagement grows.
  3. Desire – Now your client trusts you and desires to purchase your product.
  4. Action – Your client is compelled to take action thanks to the relationship you have fostered.
  5. Advocacy – Client advocacy is the whiz-bang, big kahuna of the funnel where your client now advocates for you and becomes your brand ambassador.

From a heart felt person-to-person business perspective, Instagram fosters community within a tribe that is uniquely your own. With a targeted Instagram marketing strategy, you can also attract your ideal client and increase your business.

I am humbled and proud to say that I have met many clients through my Instagram account who have become supporters and friends, and when this pandemic is over, I hope to meet them in real life.