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No input – to full control – is a spectrum because every business has different needs. Some business owners want their site created from start to finish. Others want the infrastructure built for their site so that they can take complete control. Another business owner might want a website fully developed with a blog ready for their own posts. Each business owner has unique needs for their site.

Bridge the website gap between small businesses and large corporations.

Big businesses can afford complicated websites that cost thousands of dollars and many hours of manpower. These sites require a team of web technology experts; programmers, web designers, scripting experts, search engine optimization specialists, graphic designers, photographers, content writers, marketing, advertising, and social media experts.

So how could a small business owner possibly afford a professional website?

This is where EileenDreams shines!

EileenDreams will create your business website for as little as $1000. A fully responsive, mobile ready, SEO targeted, analytics ready, image optimized website to promote your online business.

Beautiful & Practical

You want a snazzy dynamic site but what you really need is more customers. First, you need visitor traffic to showcase your business. Then, you want to convert that traffic to customers.

You want more than a spiffy website. You need a responsive and search engine optimized website working for your business. You need a website that brings you results tracked by analytics to show you in plain numbers how your website is performing. Your website needs to be more than just pretty, it also needs to perform by accurately reflecting your business to attract your ideal customer.

After the website is completed I continue to keep the website’s security features, SEO and plugins up to date.


If you are concerned because you know nothing about websites or web technology you can feel confident that I will explain everything to you in a way that you can understand.

Business owners come to me because they know they can trust me to give them my best recommendations and honest advice whether they hire me to build their website or not.

Compared to traditional methods of advertising and marketing, owning a website is an asset to your business. In today’s business world – you cannot afford not to have a website. Especially one that is search engine optimized and responsive.

Trying to sort through technical jargon, much less trying to find a techno geek who understands you and who you can trust to portray your product in the fashion you envision is a difficult task. You want someone who can visualize your dream.

Start to finish, I continually work with you. Hands on: I guide you through this exciting process of growth for your local business.

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