Social Media Post Suggestions

Social Media Post Suggestions

Eileen’s Great Social Media Post Suggestions

When you are searching for content for your social media posts, work through this list for inspiration and ideas. Create your social media calendar by spreading these suggestions throughout the month.

Great Ideas for Your Social Media Posts:

  1. About Me

What is your why?
What makes you interesting?
What is your passion?

  1. Ask

You won’t get anything you don’t ask for. Ask for a follow, like, or share.

  1. Behind the scenes

Include staff stories
Share your process, messiness, or the “real” you (while being positive).

  1. Calendar Days

Observances – ie: Christmas, Easter, Diwali, Talk like a Pirate Day, etc…

  1. Community

Write about what is happening around your community or in the world.

  1. Educate

Provide value and information in your area of expertise.

  1. Encouragement

Share something positive that makes you feel good.

  1. Products and Services

What do you offer? What is interesting or special about your product or service?


Share a quote that resonates with you. Use or if you don’t have your own photos and create a meme in canva.

Before you hit Post ask yourself these questions:

Is this interesting?
Are you adding value?
Would you talk like that to your mother?
Are you listening or yelling? Listen louder than you yell.
Are you being true and consistent to your brand?
Do you know your audience? Are you wasting their time or adding value to it?
Are you being appropriate to the platform and your tribe?
Consider your hook, your insights, and your call to action on every post.

Finally, make sure you proof read your post!

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