My Top 3 Shopify Resources

My Top 3 Shopify Resources

Shopify Resources

Here are 3 Shopify resources to help you get started with your Shopify website.


1.  LOGO

Do you have a logo?

If you don’t already have a logo for your business Hatchful will create a logo for your Shopify store. The reason I suggest creating a logo first is because once you have your logo, then you will know which colours to use for your Shopify site, and every other Social Media platform that you choose from now on moving forward.  I suggest only choosing three colours. In my opinion, more than 3 colours becomes confusing. (even though I am a BIG colour person & always think the more the merrier).


My 2 logo rules:

  1. Create your logo that resonates with you. Create a logo you like.
  2. Make sure your logo looks good teeny tiny. In other words think forward – don’t make it too complicated because it will be really small in the corner of an Instagram post or as a website avatar. There is a reason Starbucks have simplified their logo over the years!

Consider Pablo Picasso’s quote

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

Click here for the Shopify Logo maker: Logo Maker & Logo Creator

This is my logo that I created in Photoshop a gazillion years ago because I love typography.

Eileen Dreams
web design, websites, video in White Rock by EileenDreams


I get asked this all the time from my clients. Where do you get your images? (Ok – I take my own photos but it’s my thing. I like to take my own photos.)

But, if it isn’t your thing, the photographers who contribute these photos are super awesome.

Free Stock Photos:


Grow your business. Learn more.

Btw – I don’t receive affiliate payments or anything from Shopify for mentioning them. I just want to help you. I think this is a super terrific resource if you want to build yourself instead of having someone like me to do it for you. 🙂

Shopify Compass

Please let me know if this is helpful with your Shopify store.