Should You Build Your Own Website?

Should You Build Your Own Website?

Should You Build Your Own Website?


Are you a small business owner on a tight budget considering saving money by creating your own website?

If you have seen the ads for Wix, Shopify, GoDaddy or Square Online you probably think anyone (especially you) can create a website. If I had a nickel for every time someone said to me “It’s WordPress, how hard can it be”.

My answer is “it depends”. Ask yourself:

  • How much time do you have?

I’ve had clients who have spent months, even years creating their website before giving up and asking me for help. A website is much more than just what you see on your screen. They are more like an iceberg where most of the important stuff is behind the scenes. True, if you run into problems, reputable sites have tech support, but the level and skill of tech support is a wide spectrum, which often depends on how much you are paying for the hosting of the site.

  • Are you comfortable with sourcing, re-sizing and optimizing images?

When you find an image, it will need to be re-sized, optimized, given an alt-tag and titled for SEO. Plus, just because you can Google an image doesn’t mean that you are allowed to use it. You can be fined for using an image with a copywrite.

  • How comfortable are you with technology?

You no longer not need to know HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript anymore because many web editors are WYSIWYG but you do need a comfortable level of technical skill.

In an effort to answer this, I have created a little introductory video of some WordPress features using the Divi theme. In my experience, Divi is the most powerful and easiest of the platforms to use. (No, I am not getting paid to say that.)

Also, be aware that this video doesn’t answer questions about:

  • understanding SEO,
  • headings, typography,
  • wireframe,
  • navigation,
  • branding,
  • the occasional CSS, html or php,
  • image optimization,
  • plug-in integrations or responsiveness,
  • design elements,
  • CTAs,
  • cookies compliance,
  • analytics,
  • or SSL.

Just because a site looks pretty, doesn’t mean it is optimally functional. Give this beginner video a view. If what I’m showing you is straight forward to you, then yes, you could make your own WordPress website.

Or, you have better things to do with your time. I guide you the whole way and you only have 1 point of contact, I keep it simple, you know that this will be easier, faster and less frustrating. So book a call today and lets get this done!